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Clarkii Online Image Editor is released!

Clarkii is the successor of Online Image Editor. Find out more via

To use the demo version online, please fill out the form below and click on submit.
The demo version is fully functional except that the save function has been disabled.

OIE is certified, with the standard security settings it should work normally. If you still experience problems with accessing the demo, you can alter your security settings in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the Trusted Sites in Internet Options - Security;
  • Move Security Level to Low;
  • Click on Sites and Add;
  • Make sure you uncheck Require Server verification;

The OCX doesn't read and send anything from your system to us, nor is the use of it logged somewhere or send to us.
However usage of the demo (and the Demo OCX) outside the domain and/or without written authorisation by InDis Baltic is prohibited by international law.

Click on the button below to use the demo online.

"...I am very impressed!"

Dean Harman - UK

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