New features: Rich Text, Text along path, IE7 support, Filters, Layers, Templates, Fix Red Eyes, Unicode text insert, Zoom in, zoom out, Accurate cropping

Online Image Editor supports opening and saving of all major picture file formats, including GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP. Full support of transparency in GIF, PNG and BMP. It also has its own proprietary file format (*.oie), which preserves all layer information and can be used as a way to provide end users with editable templates instead of forcing them to create images from scratch.

Images can be loaded and saved to and from user's local computer, scanner, a URL on the web and encoded Base 64 data. This way you can choose the most convenient source to load OIE with images, regardless if it is a local or remote file or image data in a database.

This component provides you with a vast number of handy functions, which makes image editing an easy and pleasant task:

  • Zoom freely using a slider or enter an exact percentage if you like.
  • If you make a mistake, do not worry - you can always undo and redo a number of your last operations.
  • Use layers to create sophisticated and professionally-looking images. Opacity of each layer can be controlled, allowing the background to show through.
  • Insert fully customizable geometric shapes (rectangles, ellipses, lines and arrows), text, which can be nicely anti-aliased (it does not have stair-like edges even at big sizes), or other images.
  • Employ many irreplaceable image modification functions to make the image look the way YOU want it. You can smoothly resize the image or the working area as well as freely rotate, flip or crop them.
  • Add some artistic touches or easily correct imperfections caused by the camera or lighting conditions. Convert it into grayscale, adjust brightness and contrast, blur, sharpen, draw/erase using the brush and eraser tools.
  • Use advanced functions for extra precision and flexibility. Use grid for exact placement and alignment of objects. Snapshot pane allows you to take snapshot of how your image looks at any time, so you can use it as a reference point to compare side by side what effect your modifications have.
  • Effects and filters: Emboss, Emboss Light, Emboss Dark, Oil Paint, Watercolor, Mosaic, Patchwork, Brick Texture, Lens-flare, Sepia tint
  • Adjust Hue/Saturation/Lightness
  • Layer list for easy selection of layers, layer locking, layer replacing with right mouse click
  • Compressed oie format (~40-50%)

A great deal of customization options are available to allow you to flexibly integrate Online Image Editor into your website the way you envision it.

  • Example scripts are available in different technologies: PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, ColdFusion and CGI executable. You can freely modify and adapt them to meet your specific needs.
  • Limit the minimum and maximum sizes of the images the user can upload. Optionally images which are bigger, can be automatically resized to fit predefined boundaries before uploading.
  • Choose among 8 interface languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Turkish and Chinese) or contact us and translate into your own.
  • Provide your own customized help page to users, which they can access, when they click "Help" toolbar item.
  • Images, contained on the same web page as OIE can be dragged and dropped onto the image being edited as new layers. This is ideal to allow the user to create an image from given "building blocks".
  • Hide unnecessary toolbar buttons or even customize specific dialog boxes when you want to provide your user with a simpler interface or limit his/her activities.
  • Any other additional possibilities can be implemented upon request.

"It sounds like it's an awesome system, for what I've heard so far it's quite flexible and I'm sure we could integrate it with our db for maximum scalability..."

Ramon - USA

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