What is it for?

There are just so many spheres where Online Image Editor can be used, it's hard to list them all on one page. It has already proven to be indispensable in these fields:

  • If you have a website or content management system, Online Image Editor (OIE) will allow your user to modify an image before uploading it to the web. Not every user has and knows how to use expensive graphic programs and with OIE powerful modifications can be made directly from a web browser! No more oversized or wrongly rotated images, OIE redefines the concept of "what you see is what you get".
  • If you provide web-based photo printing service, why not allow your users to edit the raw photos they get from their digital cameras? Let them crop, rotate, scale their images, add text and do many more things all from within the browser.
  • If you need to allow your users to create images from given "building blocks", Online Image Editor is the right tool. You can either preload it with a template and allow users to rearrange/customize its elements, or load it with a background image and let the user drag and drop additional images on top, position them and save the result as a single image, which can be uploaded and used for any purposes.
  • How many times have you found yourself in a situation when you had an image and needed to quickly and effortlessly edit it, but did not have expensive graphics software installed? Just imagine your favorite graphics program accessible at any time from anywhere in the world, where there is internet connection and a a web browser. This dream can come true if you use Online Image Editor.

"Your online image editor is really great and perfect for our purposes..."

Bjorn Schimpf - Germany

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